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Looking to start a home-based business? Interested in making money online? InstantSuperstore is the fastest and easiest way to start your home based business, whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a complete beginner!

Even if you have never owned or operated a website before, you can start making money today with a fully functional website, already loaded with products and content.

InstantSuperstore allows you to purchase turnkey (ready-made) business websites with everything you need: products for sale, articles, ads, news and videos. Our turnkey websites are sold as one unique package, complete with a domain name of your choice, hosting account and support - Everything you need for your website. We will install and configure your website within one minute from your purchase!

No technical knowledge required! We have done all the work for you, so you can have your business website instantly with this ready-to-go turnkey solution!

All our websites are completely automated, ready-to-go (turnkey), and feature self-updating products and content, such as news and videos related to your website's niche.

Every website we make includes:

  • One year of hosting, domain name and support included! (additional hosting, domain & support years are $66.00/year).
  • Integrated control panel. You can add new website pages, products, blog posts, news articles, or extend your website functionality using add-ons, all from your personal control panel!
  • Website updates automatically - Products, news, video, and advertising will be automatically updated, delivering exciting up-to-date content for your customers!
  • No programming skills needed! - If you can read your emails and surf the web - you can own and run this website!
  • No need to buy / ship products! - Products will be delivered to your customers by your business partners.
  • No dealing with customers! - Customer support will be provided to your customers by your business partners.
  • No credit cards to process! - All transactions will be carried out by your business partners.
  • Get paid directly from Amazon, Google and Clickbank.
  • An integrated theme and plugin manager!
  • Everything is ready, no hassle for you!

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Our websites are international and can be owned and operated from anywhere in the world.

How it works?

Every turnkey website we make sells products from several online business partners. All you need to do is fill in your affiliate ID for each partner. Creating the affiliate IDs is an easy and free process.

Amazon Associates
Amazon: Your website is affiliated with Amazon's associates program, and offers thousands of products for sale. When a visitor purchases anything from your store, Amazon will pay you a commission as great as 15%! Amazon deals with the inventory, order processing, handling and shipment, and you have a megastore with unlimited inventory and unlimited income potential!

Google AdSense
Google AdSense: We've integrated multiple Google AdSense advertizing banners into the website and the shopping cart. Google will automatically put relevant ads to your visitors. You will get paid for each click on your ads.

ClickBank Affiliate product: Each website has a promotion page for a premium ClickBank product. You will earn commission from each sale.

Blog, News Articles and Video: As you've probably heard, content is the king! Your website have a unique system that will automatically add to your website videos and news posts related to the its niche. Providing updated content to your visitors will attract more new and returning visitors to your website, give your website higher SEO ranking, and higher income potential. You can change the category for the content, edit the news posts, add new blog/news posts, video, page, etc. - All using your admin panel.

Included with your website:

  • Domain Name:
    Free domain name of your choice - Any available .com, net, or info (Or use your existing domain).
  • Hosting:
    One year of free hosting with cPanel, unlimited email accounts, spam manager, traffic statistics, and many more features
    Additional hosting years are $66/year, including domain renewal.
  • Customer Support:
    We will answer all your questions and provide you with service and support, 7 days a week.
  • 1 Minute Setup:
    Your website will be ready and delivered to you instantly!!! - We will register your domain name, create your hosting account, install the website, and modify the website to link to your accounts - so your website will be ready to accept orders - all in less than 1 minute from your signup!!!
  • Marketing freebies:
    We include free marketing and promotional ebooks, video courses, tips hard-earned through a lifetime of experience and professional advice with every purchase.


  • Delivery:We will setup and deliver your website within 1 minute from your signup.
  • Domain: Will be registered under your name and it's free.
  • Uptime: Hosting uptime is never below 99.999% of the time.
  • Control: Full control of your website design and hosting account - admin panel, ftp, emails, statistics, etc.
  • Support: We will provide top of the line support for every aspect of your website and hosting account, 7 days a week.
Limited Time offer: $95.00
One year of Hosting, Domain and Support included!
(then $66/year, you can cancel anytime)
To cancel your subscription, open a ticket using our support system, or cancel it directly using paypal.com

This is not a get-rich quick scheme. The more traffic you can drive to your website, the more potential sales you will get. You are responsible for the ultimate success of your website. We simply provide you all the tools necessary to get started so you only have to focus on one thing, and that thing is marketing.
As with every kind of business in the real world, your success will depend on your investment of time, work and resources.
In addition, it can take up to six weeks on average for search engines to thoroughly index a website into their directories. If you are looking for immediate results, we recommend that you sell products on sites like Ebay and host home parties. You can also advertise via pay per click using Google, Yahoo or other similar sites to get prominent search engine placement right away.
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